Thursday, January 21, 2010

Tips and Tricks for Opera Mini 5 Beta 2

Download first Opera Mini 5 Beta 2 here in order to have this tutorial.

1. Downloading Tips

If we are going to download big files, be sure 3G is activated, click the file you want to download, select target folders Others » memory card » desired folder.
If the download wont start in short time, try to pause and resume the download. We can either browse another site by minimizing the download process. We can also do multiple download if we want.

2. Editing Speed Dials

Just press the numeric keypad 1 on your phone and it will appear : Clear » Edit.
Or we can do that by the long press of enter key of our cellphone.

3. Adding Bookmarks and How to Add in Folders?

In a web page, just press #5 then Add Bookmarks. For example, we like to add Facebook as bookmark, just
browse the site and at the homepage of Facebook, press #5 then Add Bookmark.
To make a new folder, press #5, then press 1 or select Manage » New Folder. Make a New Folder then highlight your bookmark, press 1 or Manage » Edit. Move the bookmark in the desired folder.

4. Saving a Page

Go first to settings » advanced » set saved page folder » others » memory card » desired folder » Save.
In a web page, just press #9 and the web page is added in the save page folders, just select Save.

5. Opening and Saving Images

Point the pointer on the image, press 1. The context menu appear like this :
Open in New Tab » Open Image » Save Image » Select Text. Select what you whatever you want.

6. Viewing URL of Visited Page/URL of Images

In a web page, just go to Menu » Edit » Options » Full Screen Edit.
The link address of a web or image is appear in phone context menu.

7. Copy/Paste Tips

Be sure full screen settings is set to Off.
Settings » advance » full screen edit » off. In a web page, if we are going to copy a text, just press 1 or long press the Enter key then click Select Text. Point the cursor on the text we want to copy. Click Start to highlight the text then select Use. Context menu appear like this :
Copy » Search » Search With. Of course we select Copy. Then make new tab, press 1 again then select Paste. We can paste a text in any search box by doing the instruction.

8. Adding More Search Engine

We notice that there are only two search engine, google and wikipedia. But we can add another search engine if we want. For example, we like to add Yahoo in the search engine, first browse the web, point the cursor at the search box then press 1. The context menu appear like this :
Paste » Add Search Engine » Select Text. Of course we select Add Search Engine then Add. If you check your search engine, Yahoo is included there. In short, whatever search engine you like to add, you must visit the web to add as search engine.

9. Using the Find in Page Option

In a web page, if we like to find easy a text which is very important, press #3 then type at the box the text you want to find. We notice that the text is highlighted once found.

Comments, suggestions and
other tips is highly appreciated.

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14 comments to “Tips and Tricks for Opera Mini 5 Beta 2”

aku malah belon sempet pake opera 5 mini nih, (gw cuma pake yg versi 4) belon sempet install.. hehe.. download dulu ah.. ^^

Cerita Inspirasi said...

berkunjung lagi kang.. semoga sehat selalu yaaa.. ^^

Gravisware said...

how to add search engine on nokia 5800 xpress music

Anonymous said...

Keren kang blog yang ini....salut...btw surat utk tyas udah nyampai apa blm kang?..he..he becanda...met malam.,met weekend kang...

dinoe said...

mampir kang,nyuwon sewu kulo translate riyin,

angger prasetyo said...

mampir kang,nyuwon sewu kulo translate riyin,

angger said...

Dah punya, tp kdg sering eror yah?? *soksopan*

Ivan@mobii said...

operamini is the best browser apps for my cellphone. but when i tried to use operamini mobile, my phones is always lagg and slow, i mean very slow so i keep my operamini 5 even in beta version but still can save my money for browsing activity... that because using default browser from handphone is too ......... what ever... lols... nice articles!!

Mang uDUNG said...

gthanks to operan mini 5. multi tabnya oke banget!!!

panca said...

8 - Adding search engines doesn't work for me on my Nokia E65/Symbian - long hold or 1 simply open the copy/Full-screen edit options.

No combination allows me to add a search engine - I only want to add twitter but cannot even manually do this besides editing one of the current searches - any ideas?

Dan Cedar said...

mampir kang wah meski ditinggalin tetep ber PR 2

Munir Ardi said...

mampir kang..
lama gak mampir disini

katalog wisata said...

masih gagal nambahin searchnya :(

dekan said...

sayang saya kurang saham bahasa ingris.

suramadu said...

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