Sunday, December 20, 2009

Create a new blog with mobile phone

Create a new blog with mobile phone is very easy and only took a few minute.
For the first, open your Opera Mini v.4.2. Don't change the appearance in mobile view mode.
Remember..! For create a new blog, you must have a Google email account. If you don't have an email account, please create your email account here. Mobile Blogging Tutorial, Mobile Blogging Tutorial, Mobile Blogging Tutorial, Mobile Blogging Tutorial, Mobile Blogging TutorialNow, go to and then click on the picture of 'Create a blog'.
Will appear the page of the first step.

Step ① Create a Google account.

This proccess will create a Google account that you can use on other Google services. You are required to enter some data.

Examples of data entry is as follows :

Email address : (must already exist) enter the email address from gmail that we have made earlier.

Retype email address..!

Enter a password : enter your 8 characters password or keyword that you want, can the same with the email password.

Retype password..!

Display name : this is your name that will be shown on the each of the post, choose according to taste (this name can be changed later, so this name is not permanent).

Email notifications : check settings or check mark at the box.

Word verification : enter the word that be appear as an image.

Acceptance of Terms : check settings or check mark that says you agree to follow the rules of blogger.

After entering the above data then click on the arrow "Continue" under the right side.
Okay the first step has been completed and now preparing to the next step.

Step ② Name of your blog.

On this second step we will choose the blog name and URL that we want.

Examples of data entry is as follows :

Blog title : the name of your blog, this name usually appears in the caption web browser (this name can be changed later, so this name is not permanent)

Blog address (URL) : is the name of the url address of your blog, for example (this name also can be changed later)

If you are finished entering the data above, now click the arrow like below and the next page that will be appear is choose a template.
Mobile Blogging Tutorial, Mobile Blogging Tutorial, Mobile Blogging Tutorial, Mobile Blogging Tutorial, Mobile Blogging Tutorial

Step ③ Choose a template.

Template is a display interface or view your blog page, so adjust your blog template with a topic that you will create. You can choose the template according to your tastes, choose one such as "Minima".
Click the arrows again.
Up here the registration was completed stage.

Congratulations you have a new blog now..!!
Therefore if you want to immediately write, you can click a "Start Posting" where you will be directed to the posting page.

Good luck..!
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Saturday, November 28, 2009

How to download any file on 4shared with your Opera Mini?

mbah gendeng, mbah gendeng, mbah gendeng, mbah gendeng, mbah gendengAs well as we know that 4shared is one place to download any file at anytime.
If we download that file with computer, of course we will not find any problem because with computer, internet connection will flow like a river (flash). But, how when we download that file just with Opera Mini?
Well my friends, on this occasion, I will shared the special tricks for finish that job.
- for the first, open your Opera Mini v4.2 Handler, and as usual, enter 4shared URL, place of your files are stored.
- click "Download Now, No virus detected"
- wait a minute until loading of the page "Your download link will appear in 10 seconds..." done, in which that link will never appear even if you wait although until run out of time, hehee...
- okay don't click any link on that page
- don't click reload/refresh or #0, because that job will be in vain
- press menu » enter address (or press #1) and look at the address bar. Page URL will be appears, right??
- okay... and now click go to, and wait until loading of that page done.
- repeat 3 to 4 times, until the page "Click here to download this file" appears.
- well... your file is now ready to download
- there are two options, "open" and "save"
- "open" » to download the file by phone innate browser
- and "save" » to download the file via Opera Mini.

Okay Guys... that's a little trick from me, please try and good luck.#
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Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Pro Evolution Soccer 2010

mbah gendeng, mbah gendeng, mbah gendeng, mbah gendeng, mbah gendengPro Evolution Soccer 2010 is a franchise game from Konami. This game has become the mobile games, main rival of FIFA and Real Football that launched before this year.

Virtually, this football game is perfect, because have a gameplay that somewhat more slowly, when compared with FIFA and Real Football. The players who have played, has a loose space, so the player can maneuver his movement with more freely until find the right time to pass the ball.
In addition, some gameplay innovation, also has been made, for example :
● For the goalkeeper, his movement for stopped the ball's speed, has been adapted to resemble a professional goalkeeper at this moment.
● For the Referee, his functions in this game has been modified to be more responsive in every moment that requires he stop the game.

This game has been equipped with 300 new movement model, include kapabilitas to adapting for skills of individual player, such as a deceptive dribbling. In addition, the animation who displayed is more customized too, such as when passing the ball in the moving condition or in the stop condition, producing a different effects. Environment effects of the competition also has been modified.

Details :
- name : Pro Evolution Soccer 2010
- publisher by : Konami
- category : sports, football
- players : 1
- format : J2ME
- size : 458 kb
- info :

Oke Guys, that's a little review of the latest mobile games. And for who wants to download this game, I'm so sorry, I can't give you the link. Because I can't find it.
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Friday, November 20, 2009

Creating A Google Account From Your Phone

mbah gendeng, mbah gendeng, mbah gendeng, mbah gendeng, mbah gendengBefore registering to the Blogger service, we must have a Gmail address.
What is Gmail?
Gmail or Google Mail is one of the email service of Google's products, which this email address will be used as a user name at the time we log into Blogger.
Why should Gmail?
Because if you use the other email services (not Gmail) will not support with Blogger, so it's a must, if you want to create a blog on Blogger. Must have a Gmail address. If you don't have that Gmail account, I'll teach you easy steps or how to register to the service.

Steps to register for Gmail is :
For the first, open your mobile web browser, in this case, we use the Opera Mini v4.2 as its web client. And then type this URL in the Address Bar, and don't forget to press enter for next.
If the page has been opened, on that page, click on Sign up for Gmail, that means we as a new user who will perform the first registration process. And then on the page will be appear "Create An Account"
In here, we required to enter some personal data.
So, enter your data in accordance with their instructions (Gmail).

Example input data is :
First Name : enter your first name there
Last name : fill with your last name
Login Name : this is your email name (your id)
Choose a password : enter password / keyword at least 8 characters
Enter again : enter the same password as above
Question : choose the question that will be appear (this is necessary if we forget our password)
Answers : input the answer (this answer should be remembered and noted)
Email Secondary : optional, but if we have another email address we can putting.
Location : your location now
Word Verification : enter numbers or letters in accordance with the drawings underneath (Fig. it looks a bit strange and abstract)
If you've finished entering data above, click the button, "I Accept. Create my account now"
Okay, until here email creation stage has been completed. If no error, the proccess of making your email have been succesfull.
Save your email address and your password in the safe place.
Congratulations you are already have an email address from Gmail service right now.

Well this is the email address which we shall use to register on the Blogger service.
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Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Download Opera Mini Mod v4.2 test0|Free..!!!

Yeeaaaaaaa.... finaly I got it....!
I get Opera Mini Mod v4.2 test 0 (beta) free..! in Indonesian version... yes..! yes..! yes..! yippy..! hehe...

Yup... it was my expression when I first discovered this application yesterday. I guess this application has a performance that is over perfect than the previous version, but it turn out I was wrong.
Of course, the menu view is almost the same as the prev version 3.12 (look on my previous post for more information), but unfortunately many aren't functioning optimally. He has a file manager menu, but it doesn't work. As well as the settings menu is still not yet incomplete. Word writing limit, just reached 256 character only. So that can't be used to edit HTML.
But it's okay.
Overall, this application is still better than Opera Mini 5 (beta). At the Opera Mini 5, we are required to write directly on the box, could not display the page itself as at the version 4.2, so we'd have trouble if we want to take symbols like this, █ ▓ ▒ ░ ♫ ♫ ♪ ♪▐ ▬ ¶ ∟ ↨ ↕ ↔ ┼ ╪ ☼ ☺ ☻ ♥ ♣ ♦ ♠ ◄ ► ▲ ▼ ░ ▒ ▓ █ or the other word on the draft that are stored in the phone messaging menu.
Opera Mini Mod v4.2, also could not see contents of the page as in the version 3.12, so we can't copy any text on some web page. And much more performance on this application that need to be improved.
Okay Guys... I think the explanation about Opera Mini Mod v4.2 is enough. And for you who want to try this application, please click to the link below to download.

download Opera Mini Mod v4.2 test 0 (beta)

mbah gendeng, mbah gendeng, mbah gendeng, mbah gendeng, mbah gendengOkay, let's stop talking about Opera Mini Mod v4.2 up here, and now I will continue the discussion yesterday about the application that supports mobile blogging. And then, what next application, which supports the mobile blogging? His name is MobyExplorer, an application that will be really we need for the next HTML editing activities, especially for editing in the CSS, head and body.

MobyExplorer have a menu view as follows :
  • Connect
    • Connect Lokal..
    • Connect Remote
      • New Connection
    • Disconnect
  • Actions
    • Back..
    • Delete..
    • Rename..
    • Created dir..
    • Refresh..
  • Edit
    • Copy
    • Paste
    • Upload..
    • Set home dir
    • Select all
    • Diselect all
  • Protect
    • Encrypt..
    • Decrypt..
  • Pact
    • GZip..
    • GUnzip..
  • Text Editor
    • Open..
    • New
      • Empty file..
      • HTML doc..
    • Editor settings..
  • Properties..
  • MobiExplorer
    • Settings..
    • Register..
    • Help..
    • About..
  • Exit..

Okay, that is the menu view of the MobyExplorer. And for download this application, please click the link bellow.

download MobyExplorer v3.0

Hopefully usefull and see you in my next post...#
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Saturday, November 7, 2009

Opera Mini Mod v3.12|Supporting Applications For Mobile Blogging

Okay Guys... before we discuss a lot about HTML editing, for the first I will explain about applications that support it. And one of it, is Opera Mini Mod v3.12.
Opera Mini Mod v3.12 is a versatile applications. With this Application, we can do a lot of work associated with this mobile blogging. Starting from make a draft, file hide, file lock, manage other files, browsing, chating, facebook, changing templates, hex colors dictionaries, open with new window, edit HTML, save page, save url, copy-paste, download manager and perform many other work.
mbah gendeng, mbah gendeng, mbah gendeng, mbah gendeng, mbah gendengOpera Mini Mod v3.12 has a menu view very different from the other Opera Mini. In the portrait screen orientation, on the start page, if you press the left softkey, the list menu will be appear. And the menu list that will appear are as follows :
  • Go to
    • Address...
    • Bookmarks
    • Home page
    • History
    • Loading
    • Status window
    • FTP-manager
    • Files manager
  • Windows
    • New
    • Prev
    • Next
    • Window...
    • Close
    • Panel:window
    • Panel:cache
  • Navigation
    • Foward
    • Back
    • Backup session
    • Restore session
  • Page
    • Link
      • Download
      • Add to list
      • Wap-browser
      • Copy
      • To new window
      • To a bkgd window
      • Into bookmark
    • Content
      • Text/screen
      • Text/all
      • Save image
      • Save images
    • Find...
    • Save
    • Load
  • Tools
    • Traf/memory
    • Clean cache
    • Settings
      • Navigation
      • Network
      • Text
      • View
      • Imp/Exp
    • Help
  • Background
  • Exit
And for the other menus, please learn more.

Ahay... I almost forgot, you can click on link as follows to download this applications.

download Opera Mini Mod v3.12 t6 (Indonesian version)

download Opera Mini Mod v3.12 t5 (English version)

download Opera Mini Mod v3.12 (on the other version)

download Opera Mini v4.2 (original)

download Opera Mini v4.2 (modification by SEFRA)
Additional menu :
- faster loading

download Opera Mini v4.2 (modifikation by Handler UI)
Additional menu :
- operator trick
- download jar
- view URL
- settings handler menu

Okay friend... for this moment, I just can share this, but for the next I will explain 'bout another application, which is still related with the mobile blogging, of course, hehehe....

See you next post, hopefully useful....#
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Sunday, November 1, 2009

Welcome To The Mobile Blogging Tutorial

Hmmm... maybe, you still don't understand what the meaning of the mobile blogging ?? Okay... on this opportunity, on this first post, I will explain all about mobile blogging and the matters relating.

Mobile blogging is a one metode of blogging in which the author publishes his blog entries directly to the web, changing template, adjust widget, edit HTML, edit layout, blog walking and perform many other blogging activities, just from phone or other handheld devices only, via a web browser or applications that supports it. A habit of mobile blogging, helps bloggers to post write directly from their phones even when moving or traveling. This mobile blogging is popular among people with camera-equipped mobile phones that allows us, send photos by e-mail or MMS later appeared as an entry on the website, using the mobile browser to publish content directly to the blogging platform with mobile post compatibility. And for the next editing process we can use applications supporting.
Mobile blogging is very helpful to tourists and travelers or when access to a computer with internet connection maybe difficult. The travelers can take photos and with GPRS or WAP enabled phone can easily upload as images with text descriptions directly into his blog. This requires a suitable blogging platform or website with the necessary features pluginsor can receive such an email and also posting us to the website.
A mobile blogging platform offers the ability to use the phone for the administration, editing and writing of the mobile phone and smartphone browser or with applications that supports it.

And the following support facilities for that, include :
● one java or symbian phones that already support copy paste and e-mail or MMS.
In this case, I use Sonny Ericsson K550i, why? Because, with my Sonny Ericsson K550i, I can copy paste many text with one click only. I can send or received email too every time and every where. In addition, with this phone I also can store data up to 2000 Mb, I can run multiple applications within the same time, while listening to my favorite music, heheee.... nice...

..♫..♪..♫..♪.. some thing in the words you never said...
makes me feel I ain't seen nothing yet..♫..♪..♫..♪..
catch me now I'm falling, here the angels calling... calling some where deep inside my head...♫..♪..♫..♪..

(Song : Teardrops by The Radios)

hmmm... listening my favorit musik is very nice...

● okay... the next supporting facilities for mobile blogging is a cellular SIM Card with a cheaper data package. In this case, I choose a monthly data package from AXIS. Why? Because with AXIS, I only pay Rp. 0.4 / kb if I bought a monthly data package with Rp. 40.000 / 100 Mb only, wow... really cheap you know....
for more information, please contact *777# with your AXIS and follow the instructions.

● and for the last of supporting facilities is an applications. What applications do we need?? for the first, you must have an Opera Mini version 4.2 final edition and Opera Mini version 3.12 t6. And then, you must have a Bolt Browser applications too.
Remember..!! Don't use Opera Mini version 5 beta, it's make me feel very very dissatisfied. Why..? I will publish the answer in the next article, so.. please wait my next post.
Okay Guys... see you next post.#
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