Sunday, December 20, 2009

Create a new blog with mobile phone

Create a new blog with mobile phone is very easy and only took a few minute.
For the first, open your Opera Mini v.4.2. Don't change the appearance in mobile view mode.
Remember..! For create a new blog, you must have a Google email account. If you don't have an email account, please create your email account here. Mobile Blogging Tutorial, Mobile Blogging Tutorial, Mobile Blogging Tutorial, Mobile Blogging Tutorial, Mobile Blogging TutorialNow, go to and then click on the picture of 'Create a blog'.
Will appear the page of the first step.

Step ① Create a Google account.

This proccess will create a Google account that you can use on other Google services. You are required to enter some data.

Examples of data entry is as follows :

Email address : (must already exist) enter the email address from gmail that we have made earlier.

Retype email address..!

Enter a password : enter your 8 characters password or keyword that you want, can the same with the email password.

Retype password..!

Display name : this is your name that will be shown on the each of the post, choose according to taste (this name can be changed later, so this name is not permanent).

Email notifications : check settings or check mark at the box.

Word verification : enter the word that be appear as an image.

Acceptance of Terms : check settings or check mark that says you agree to follow the rules of blogger.

After entering the above data then click on the arrow "Continue" under the right side.
Okay the first step has been completed and now preparing to the next step.

Step ② Name of your blog.

On this second step we will choose the blog name and URL that we want.

Examples of data entry is as follows :

Blog title : the name of your blog, this name usually appears in the caption web browser (this name can be changed later, so this name is not permanent)

Blog address (URL) : is the name of the url address of your blog, for example (this name also can be changed later)

If you are finished entering the data above, now click the arrow like below and the next page that will be appear is choose a template.
Mobile Blogging Tutorial, Mobile Blogging Tutorial, Mobile Blogging Tutorial, Mobile Blogging Tutorial, Mobile Blogging Tutorial

Step ③ Choose a template.

Template is a display interface or view your blog page, so adjust your blog template with a topic that you will create. You can choose the template according to your tastes, choose one such as "Minima".
Click the arrows again.
Up here the registration was completed stage.

Congratulations you have a new blog now..!!
Therefore if you want to immediately write, you can click a "Start Posting" where you will be directed to the posting page.

Good luck..!

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10 comments to “Create a new blog with mobile phone”

The first maybe

Munir Ardi said...

ehmm...sayang kang...hpku ndak bisa untuk internetan...btw thank atas pencerahannya....

fajar said...

Informative Article!
This is why I love this site! It's perfect! I had tried migrating a Blogger blog on a free host but never get success. I'm planning on starting my blog now, and this is just what I needed to get myself started, And this is very informative way.

webcam said...

Nice info kang... thank's

xitalho said...

Waw your english is very well Kang.
Every steps you show is very clear. Make people who read easy to practice.
Nice tips Kang. (sorry kalo Inggrisnya Amburadul, Sempet kursus waktu smp doang, itu juga dah lama).

Rumah Ide dan Cerita said...

@rumah ide : hehee... thank's for your praise, Bro
@xitalho : thank's
@webcam : yup, okay... Goodluck Bro...
@fajar : hehee... dibuang aja Kang... ganti yg baru.
@munir ardi : yup, you are the first, thank you.

Kang Sugeng said...

gasuka ngeblog dari hape, bikin mata perih!! apalagi hape ku hape kuno. #halah

mira said...

thx for your tutor..
nice to know, ayo saya undang semua mampir blog saya..

knowledge Sharing said...

emang sudah bisa ngepos artikel blogspot di opera mini?

wallpaper gratis said...

Kalo sy dah bisa buka blog dr mini beta5, mantaf pak! Tapi kan dl bikinnya dr PC. Mau nyobain ah by phone....lebih gmn gitu kayanya (gitu gmn?).


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