Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Pro Evolution Soccer 2010

mbah gendeng, mbah gendeng, mbah gendeng, mbah gendeng, mbah gendengPro Evolution Soccer 2010 is a franchise game from Konami. This game has become the mobile games, main rival of FIFA and Real Football that launched before this year.

Virtually, this football game is perfect, because have a gameplay that somewhat more slowly, when compared with FIFA and Real Football. The players who have played, has a loose space, so the player can maneuver his movement with more freely until find the right time to pass the ball.
In addition, some gameplay innovation, also has been made, for example :
● For the goalkeeper, his movement for stopped the ball's speed, has been adapted to resemble a professional goalkeeper at this moment.
● For the Referee, his functions in this game has been modified to be more responsive in every moment that requires he stop the game.

This game has been equipped with 300 new movement model, include kapabilitas to adapting for skills of individual player, such as a deceptive dribbling. In addition, the animation who displayed is more customized too, such as when passing the ball in the moving condition or in the stop condition, producing a different effects. Environment effects of the competition also has been modified.

Details :
- name : Pro Evolution Soccer 2010
- publisher by : Konami
- category : sports, football
- players : 1
- format : J2ME
- size : 458 kb
- info :

Oke Guys, that's a little review of the latest mobile games. And for who wants to download this game, I'm so sorry, I can't give you the link. Because I can't find it.

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7 comments to “Pro Evolution Soccer 2010”

nice game ilke football and i think is unnusual if a man doesn't like football

Munir Ardi said...

wah mantap dunk...............ada softwarenya ndak kang....

Fajar said...

he..he.. sip juga gamenya.. jadi inget pas nintendo masih jaya dulu.. thanks linknya..

Gravisware said...

langsung menuju TKP!!

Joddie said...

wolah... buat hape toh... hihihihi.. tak kirain buat pc.. kok kecil banget ukurannyah... heheheh... nice share sob...

RanggaGoBloG said...

salam kenal? ikutan ahhh.......

cinta said...

nice post

jon said...

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